Chris Brown released after 108 days in prison

The singer, with a history full of altercations, served time for violating his probation
Until January of 2015 will remain wards of the court and with treatment, The singer Chris Brown has been released from jail after serving a little more than three months of the year sentence imposed on him last may 9 for violating the terms of his probation. The interpreter of R&B, of 25 years, left the prison in california Monday morning, according to confirmed sources of the sheriff's department. In total met 108 of 131 days was his sentence after having been taken into account the 116 days he spent in a detox center and the 59 who was behind bars awaiting trial. His early release is expected, given how full they are california prisons but it is very far from mean the end of their legal problems.

Brown went from musical prodigy to bad boy of music when, in 2009, pleaded guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend, the singer Rihanna, after one of the parties of the Grammy awards. An incident of gender-based violence, which has left the interpreter with wounds in the face and required hospitalization. Then he was sentenced to five years probation and six months of forced services, the sentence allegedly raped her on repeated occasions, either by the alleged consumption of marijuana or go to a party with his ex-girlfriend was invited. There were also other violent incidents that splashed the pages of the press although not motivated his detention. In October, he was accused of new assault in the city of Washington (USA) when two women asked for a photo and two other men joined the snapshot, something that the singer was not taken to well. It was then, Brown and his bodyguard were arrested, and the musician ended up behind bars for violating the tax on your probation.

The new terms of his probation for the assault against Rihanna have been extended until the 23rd of January of 2015, the time in which Brown will have to go to a psychiatrist assigned two times per week and you must take the medications prescribed, none of them marijuana use is optional. In addition to his next appointment with the authorities is scheduled for the 25th of June, date in which will begin the trial for the incidents that occurred at the W Hotel in Washington (USA).

Brown celebrated their recovered freedom with a short twitter message in which he said “back to the music and the fans”. His girlfriend, the model Karruche Trau, was more effusive hanging in the net photos of the couple along with pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono poses similar. According to a statement to, the passage through the prison of Brown has been causing “mental suffering and pain ”. Feeling that I could feel again if he returns to be sentenced to jail for the new assault, or violates the conditions of the provisional release that he now enjoys. As he said in his day, his lawyer, Mark Geragos, when the interpreter wanted to skip the rules and speak directly to the judge: “I don't dance, you don't speak”.

Chris Brown My First Step In To The Music World

The singer "Christopher Maurice Brown was born in Tappahannock, in the state of Virginia, united States, on the 5th day of may in the year 1989. Since that was your name is too long, the singer soon shortened, cambiéndolo by "Chris Brown".
The lead singer has a genre of Hip-hop music, although it has taken some simple and the place of different styles, such as R&B or even pop.
From an early age, Chris has always been interested by the music and the dance, and at the age of 13 years was discovered by "Tina Davis", produced by a local production of A&R. the Latter asked him to sing for her some of their songs and immediately took him to the who was then president of the record label Island Def Jam Music. The contract lasted for only two months, and Davis became his manager, getting the singer signed by the record label "Jive".

After the signing of the collaboration agreements between the representatives of the singer and the record company, Chris began to record songs for what would be his first album, which they advised him to carry his same name, "Chris Brown". The young singer already had prepared some 50 songs, of which they chose 14 for this first album . Because of this the disc is completed in less than 8 weeks, leaving at the end of November of the year 2005.
The album was a runaway success, achieving sales of 154000 copies, only in the first week, and subsequently, a few dates later, I would get more than 2000000 copies sold in the united States, which was supposed to be a double-disc platinum. These sales were backed by the RIAA. 
Also, "Run It", one of their singles from this album managed to reach the top 100 of the Billboard Hot 100, being the first male artist to achieve this with the age of 16 years.
Throughout the year 2006, Chris Brown was promotions, concerts and tours to promote his first album, from the united States to Australia, from Japan to the Uk, with the main purpose to make themselves known. 

Chris had the opportunity to be hired by the FOX, to perform a small role in the series "the O. C.", where it represented a singer of a musical group. Following this interpretation, we were out several contracts for other films, such as, for example, "This Christmas", "Stomp Yard" or "My super sweet" of the chain MTV.
After his performances as an actor, the singer began to edit what would be his second album "Exclusive", which was launched in the month of November of the year 2007.
The album was another success, getting to be placed at number four on the Billboard 200 in the first week and getting 294000 copies sold in the first 10 days, gaining almost two million copies sold only in the united States.
The album was promoted by the same singer for more than 30 counties in the united States, performing various concerts and various tours.
In the year 2009, the singer publishes a new album with the name "Graffiti", which promoted by different portals of the Internet downloads, on MTV, and on various music channels more.
During this same year, 2009, the singer was arrested for domestic violence, and as a result of this fact were suspended the tours and ads that had contracted for the same year.
As a result of this arrest, the singer was charged with felony assault and threats, crimes in which the singer pleaded guilty. The prosecution requested five years of probation, under the promise of performing community work.
In the year 2010, Chris Brown releases a new album, with the name of "F. A. M. E.", which, according to the critique specialist, is a clear tribute to "Michael Jackson". With this album the singer is nominated for three awards, Grammys, winning the award for Best Album.
Chris continues editing songs, currently preparing his fifth album, which will bear the name of "Fortune", and that is expected to see the light in July of 2012.

50 Cent -. No Romeo Julieta Sin ft Chris Brown (Official Music Video)


Hustler, rapper, gang member ... the man who with his brother Slim manages with an iron hand the empire Cash Money for 25 years returns shortly to business with Ms Gladys, a new solo album, his first since Sept. years. The opportunity to revisit its controversial and off the common route.

1 . The first alias Brian Williams in rap was B32 (for "Baby with the 32 golds" ). He then opted for Baby , before changing again in the early 2000s when the adventure Birdman Big Tymers (its group with Mannie Fresh) ended.

2 . Contrary to legend, the Cash Money Records label was not founded with dirty money , but largely thanks to a contribution of Johnny Williams, the father of Baby and Slim, owner of several small businesses ( grocery store, bar, laundry ...) in the Magnolia neighborhood in New Orleans.

3 . One of its institutions has also been renamed the Glady's Bar when Brian's mother died when he was only seven years - more information and pictures here .

4 . The name of the label was inspired by that of the Cash Money Brothers gang led by the character Nino Brown (played by Wesley Snipes) in the cult film New Jack City .

5 . The half-brother of Birdman Terrance E. Williams, nicknamed Gangsta , was a member of the Hot Boys (the name will be taken up later by the group of Juvenile, Lil Wayne Turk and BG), a feared gang whose members are now deceased.
Arrested for murder on 6 occasions, Terrance eventually be sentenced to life for the first time in 1999 ... and then a second in 2002.

6 . The Game Is Cold , the first album of Lil Slim (one of the precursors of the scene and bounce the guy who discovered Lil Wayne) released in 1993 was recorded in the kitchen of Birdman.

7 . In early 1997, when the group UNLV left Cash Money ship after delivering six albums in total, things have not really spent in the greatest calm.
A persistent rumor that Albert 'Yella Boy' Thomas Williams has robbed and shot one of his cars . The rapper will be found shot dead a few months later at the age of 22 years.
If Williams has always denied the charges, during a freestyle kicked off in 2006 in the Tec and Lil Ya (two former members of the group), BG implicitly confirmed the story with the rhyme: "I'ma speak the Truth , I'ma tell no lie / I Was on the stage, Yella snuck Baby in the eye '
Ten years after the UNLV facts and Cash Money will eventually sign a legal agreement whose terms have remained secret.

8 . Cita Carter, the mother of Lil 'Wayne, Baby experienced in high school , which is why it's probably long been reluctant to the idea that his son join the Williams team.
Anecdotally, it has also required that no big word being spoken on his first album (which is almost the case).

9 . It is on order Birdman Lil 'Wayne lost his virginity at 11 years . While he was lying in his kitchen with his crew in good gang leader he ordered one of his guests to go take care of her foal in his words, "Bitch, suck Lil Wayne's little dick! "

10 . When Universal has sent one of its representatives in New Orleans, it was greeted in the studios of Cash Money by one of the bodyguards of the label before negotiations begin has been a gun on the table . Birdman was then asked: "So You want to do business with us? "

11 . At the first meeting between Universal and the Williams brothers, according to the confession of Slim , their Southern accent was so pronounced at the time that the representatives of the record company did not even understand them .

12 . Nine months before passing the famous contract to $ 30 million with Universal that many consider the "best deal in the history of black music" , the first bid received by the label (made by Penalty via Tommy Boy Records ) only amounted to $ 75 000 , for Juvenile only.

13 . Great artisan of this masterstroke, Wendy Day does not receive a penny for their efforts . Ruined, it will eventually even be evicted from their home.
Infuriated by this unfair treatment, one of the rappers she represented, Freddie Foxx, Birdman put a pressure shot in an alley to exit the Hot 97 radio pointing his gun at his head.
He then forced to kneel and call the phone his former collaborator for him to apologize. Wenday Day then demanded that it be paid back its due, what the bird man replied nonchalantly most of the world "Attack me justice. When should I pay you, you will be paid " .

14 . Gifée profusely , Birdman explained his habit of rubbing their hands in each clip where he appears in two ways. Side A: "I rub my hands because I'm still counting my money ." Side B: "My palms scratching me much, and instead of scratching I rub them" .

15 . In a report filmed in 2011 , revealed that his grill Stunna cost him as little as $ 100,000. Since it is again passed to the fund in order to add white gold, platinum and diamond pieces. Now his teeth is assured and he claimed would be a good half a million dollos .

16 . Birdman is renowned for having the one of the greatest car collections of hip-hop (Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Maybach 62S Landaulet ...). In the early 2000s, he reported owning more than 50 models.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina that devastated Louisiana would cost him twenty boxes.
17 . After a first album produced largely by Scott Torch, Paris Hilton was signed with Cash Money . Fortunately the announcement remained at the stage of media coup - read: 13 artists signed to Cash Money and have never released an album .

18 . In 2010 Birdman announced loudly in the wings have invested in his own oil company , Oil and Gas Bronald LL. Rather proud of his shot he is even tattooed the logo on the head.
Yet it appears very quickly that the company is not registered in any register, not even a phone number and offers a website that explodes the counter WTF .
Since the bird man has covered the skull with stars Heineken, nobody ever mentioned in some way this prank.

19 . A few months later, however Stunna has once again taken away by his megalomania proclaiming becoming a shareholder of the Miami Dolphins, an approved agreement (according to him) by the NFL.
Joints in the aftermath, the (real) owners have however held to express their astonishment. And because they had never met or would be in contact with the rapper.

20 . In 2014, Russell Simmons wrote an open letter entitled: Why Cash Money Records is the best company in the history of hip-hop .
The founder of Def Jam (no less) reveals the same time he proposed the Williams brothers association. Their refusal was greatly surprised at the time Simmons who thought they were committing a mistake there.
Several years after the fact, it is the first to recognize the great clarity of this choice: Cash Money is now the only label rap entirely directed by the very people who launched . Respek!

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Martijn Gerard Garritsen mieux connu sous son nom de scène Martin Garrix (stylisé Mar + dans Garri × ), est un DJ néerlandais, producteur de disques et musicien. Il est actuellement numéro 3 classé sur DJ Mag . Il a fondé et possède le label STMPD RCRDS .
Martin Garrix a appris à jouer de la guitare à 8 ans En 2004, Martin Garrix a exprimé son intérêt à devenir un DJ après avoir vu Tiësto effectuer les jeux olympiques d'Athènes . Garritsen a notamment inspiré de la piste " Traffic ", l'incitant à télécharger spécialiste logiciel , FL Studio , et lui permettant de commencer à composer. En 2013,  Garritsen est diplômé de l'Académie Brood Herman, une école de production à Utrecht . Martin Garrix utilisé plusieurs alias, parmi eux GRX. Il fantôme écrit des pistes pour d' autres artistes, et malgré cela, seulement un sur cinquante de ses morceaux ont fait au public. 

Martin Garrix - Forbidden Voices (Official Music Video)

Martin Garrix - Animals (Official Video)

Afrojack & Martin Garrix - Turn Up The Speakers (Official Music Video)

Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (How About Now) [Official Music Video]

Martin Garrix - Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016

Photos: Iggy Azalea modèles de sous-vêtements (+ vidéo)

Si les critiques et éventuellement décourager ceux qui haïssent dans sa carrière, sans aucun doute, l'Australien pourrait être consacré à poser pour les caméras.

Vous savez que le rappeur Iggy Azalea a une légion de détracteurs qui vivent de rejeter son talent et remettent en question leur capacité musicale, a aussi clairement de nombreux fans qui veulent ce , afin de mieux de ne pas se concentrer sur le négatif.

Mais si elle finit par donner à ceux qui la cherchent sur ​​l'industrie de la musique, vous pouvez être rassuré qui ont des options de travail liées à l'environnement. Et la marque Bonds a sélectionné comme la figure de sa nouvelle ligne de sous - vêtements.

Ici vous pouvez voir quelques-unes des photos pour la campagne:


50 Cent ft. Chris Brown -I'm The Man (remix)
50 Cent is back with the piece produced by Sonny Digital entitled "  I'm The Man  ". There are some months now it has unveiled a remix of the title, in collaboration with Chris Brown . The video, like that of French Montana above is signed Eif Rivera . Another piece of 50 and Breezy is expected during the day: " No Romeo Juliet No  "! In the meantime we leave you with the video for "  I'm The Man (remix)  "!


50 Cent - Don't Worry 'Bout It (Explicit)

50 Cent - Pilot

50 Cent - Hold On

50 Cent - Chase The Paper ft. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd, Styles P

50 Cent - Irregular Heartbeat ft. Jadakiss, Kidd Kidd

50 Cent - Smoke (Explicit) ft. Trey Songz

50 Cent - We Up (Explicit) ft. Kendrick Lamar

50 Cent - Hustler

50 Cent - Twisted (Explicit) ft. Mr. Probz

50 Cent -. No Romeo Julieta Sin ft Chris Brown (Official Music Video)